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We value regionality and long-standing partnerships with our producers and suppliers. Together with our business partners we attach great importance to the welfare of the animals as well as short transport routes. We strive to bring as much as possible regional products from the near surroundings of Basel and specialties from the border triangle on the plate. Our kitchen is inspired by Johannes Kohlmanns recipe book. Our wine selection also comes from Switzerland – we work with winemakers from the region and from Ticino.


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Our meat

The family business with around 70 employees is managed by Christoph and Barbara Jenzer in the 4th generation. Since 1898, the Jenzer family has been practicing the butcher’s trade with great pleasure and power. The guiding principle is called Jenzer-NATURA-Quality, since 1995 the meat comes from animals from particularly species-appropriate animal husbandry for the best meat quality.

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Animal welfare is very close to the heart of the Grauwiler butchery in Basel. The animals are sourced from farms with the “Besonders Tierfreundliche Stallhaltungssysteme” (BTS) and “Regelmässiger Auslauf im Freien” (RAUS) programs.

  • All Swiss meat that comes from Grauwiler 1821 AG complies with the legal guarantee marks, such as Suisse Garantie or Bio Suisse.
  • All electricity used by Grauwiler 1821 AG in its operations comes from renewable energy sources
  • In-house cutting of beef, veal and pork
  • Sustainable products at top quality, because the Swiss meat from Grauwiler 1821 AG complies with the strict Swiss animal welfare law

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Our pasta

“Pasta sociali” combines the best of everything: social commitment, sustainable ingredients and culinary quality from the region.

“Pasta sociali” offers mentally impaired people the opportunity to structure their daily lives and gain new self-confidence. In a protected setting, they learn new skills and maintain contact with other employees.

The pasta is produced from high quality ingredients. Compared to industrially produced pasta, “Pasta sociali” works the dough slowly with low pressure to produce the finished pasta. The subsequent gentle, slow drying process ensures that the nutrients and flavor remain in the pasta. The pasta is made in the neuewelt day structure’s own manufactory in Muttenz.

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Our vegetables

The company Gebrüder Marksteiner was founded many years ago by the brothers Heinrich and Karl Marksteiner who, together with Charles Borloz, opened their first vegetable shop in the Markthalle Basel in 1969. For years, Gebrüder Marksteiner has counted as a regional specialist for fresh and innovative products with a wide range of convenience food, fresh and frozen products.

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Our drinks

The story of Tamborini Vini is an authentic story, told and lived by a family that has been passionately dedicated to the task of offering high quality wines since 1944.

On 27 hectares of land, the unique combination of soils, altitudes and microclimate, produces red, rose and white wines with rare personality.

In every glass you can feel the heart and artistry of the people, agronomists and oenologists who manage the vineyard and terroir every day. Sustainability and ethical viticulture, in harmony with tradition, also guide Tamborini in the choice of innovative solutions for the protection of the Ticino habitat, a cultural landscape and heritage that must be preserved in balance and harmony.

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Kaufmann AG pays a lot of attention to wine and spirits and does everything to delight wine and fine spirits lovers. Not only as a supplier but also in their own store in Bättwil.

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For 44 years, the Fischerstube brewery in the heart of Basel has been brewing genuine Basel beer: Ueli beer. What began in 1974 as a pioneering act by Kleinbasel doctor Hans Jakob Nidecker against the beer cartel is now an integral part of Basel’s beer culture.

The most beautiful tradition of the Kleinbasel brewery is the joy of new ideas. The independent family-run business has five open beers. Four other types of beer are commercially available in the bottle. Committed to the pioneering spirit, Ueli Bier surprises again and again with new beer specialties full of character. Fischerstube is one of the few breweries that brews its open beers with whole hop cones and does not use flash heating for its beers.

The brewery puts its energy not only into brewing Ueli beers, but also into training the next generation of brewers. But cultural projects are also close to the heart of the Fischerstube brewery.

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Enjoy regional, seasonal and freshly prepared dishes. At noon we serve our weekly changing lunch menus, in the afternoon we recommend our homemade cakes and in the evening our à la carte menu impresses with varied dishes. Matching you will find fine wines from our wine cellar.

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